Innovations - 2010s

Projects started over the last few years are quickly approaching commercialization. A rebirth of my original umbrella stroller, a “green” hairdryer that dries twice as fast with a fraction of the energy, vacuums with no exhaust, new ways to light up the night, make your biceps bulge and order your cocktail.

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Vince Pastore knows that real men keep their cash secured in a big rubber band (from broccoli) The Broccoli Wad is a patented, modern solution. Simple, secure way to carry cash and your credit cards. Special metal piece designed to allow custom logo for financial institutions, casinos and special interests.

How to improve on an icon?

More than 500,000,000 Zippo lighters have been made since introduction in the 1930's. It used to be a #1 promotion premium which carried the logo of thousands of companies and organizations, military and civilian. In recent years its use as a lighter has some what diminished, but the love of the product and that special logo has not. There are a million LED lights, but this one introduces a new use for that loved Zippo. This puts the iconic Zippo "click" back in your pocket. The product is protected by patent and registered trademark.

This demonstrates a fundamental vacuum technology that increases the suction power of a given motor and fan by a factor of five. It requires no brush or beater bar yet, through pneumatic vibration and turbulence, cleans through to the carpet backing better than any machine currently on the market. Wet or dry it has no equal, and it also has no exhaust. See the attached presentation. This is an example of disruptive technology.

The Sheetsuite introduces new technology that solves a problem in a new category. With the complexity of bed covers and our busy schedules it is more difficult to enjoy the benefits of a fresh, clean bed environment on a daily basis. You can not use a vacuum to freshen sheets, because until the Sheetsuite a vacuum would suck in the sheet and make cleaning impossible. The Sheetsuite has special technology that generates enormous suction and vibration. Loose bed clothes are not sucked in. The unit cleans and raises the fibers of the sheeting for a freshly washed feel. It also applies and instantly dries a sanitizing linen water (and/or UV-C). The result is an amazing "just-laundered" feel and scent while removing all types of crumbs, dust, dander and pet hair.

The patented recirculation system creates a tremendous vacuum, with unique turbulence and vibration that actually draws particles through the bed's sheeting. With the addition of a fine mist of sanitizing linen water (which the Sheetsuite quickly dries) the bed is freed of debris and left with a "fresh from the laundry feel."
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Early in 2000 the Vortex was the number 1 selling hair dryer in America. It has never been duplicated. Now it is back to satisfy a whole new group of customers. It is smaller and more compact. It uses less electricity because it is only 800w. Yet although it produces no damaging heat, it will dry hair in half the time and will impart natural body. The patented system dries from the root out and is especially useful for people with a large volume of hair.

What works so well for humans is especially useful for pets. This dryer, based on the same patents as the Vortex hairdryer, lifts the heavy wet hair rather than plastering it down. The dryer is low wattage so there is no danger of hurting the pet while you dry him quickly from the skin out. The process results in a quick, no fuss job, and a fluffy pet.

The same fluid dynamics at work in the dryers also works here, but with water instead of air. The patented system lifts the hair away from the skin, quickly rinsing the most stubborn soap. It is the only washer that has been tested and shown to remove skin scale, which is a problem with long hair pets. A side benefit, is the gentle massage which is apparently enjoyed by the pet.

Since Golight was founded in 1995, it has grown in distribution throughout the world in areas of police, fire, rescue, utility, marine, farm, recreation and military. Many types of remote control lights have been created and patented, including halogen, HID and LED (both visible and infra red).

The unique "DRACO" high performance optically focused LED spot light.

The military Golights with their unique pan and tilt capabilities are used for spotting the enemy as well as protecting our soldiers by helping to find IEDs and other hazards.

The newest entry in the Golight line is the (two faced) JANUS. One face is a powerful array of optically focused white LEDs the other face is a similar array made up of covert infrared LEDs. The light can pan continuously (360 degrees) and tilt through a wide range to bring to bear, either a visible white spot light, or an full covert infrared beam. It also features a computerized location finding device. This light is designed to offer armored vehicles a new level of flexible lighting.

The GLED is the light for use other than military or police (SWAT). Although it has full remote control pan and tilt capability, it lacks some of the special features of the JANUS. One very important feature is that it is designed to accept "Plug and Play" lighting options. Depending on the use requirements, it can be fitted with Halogen, HID or LED lighting units.

The bar signal device was recently granted a utility patent. It is a unique brand reinforcing item which was originally created for the Bacardi company. The concept was based on an RF device provided as an advertising incentive to customers of the brand. See Object d’art on next frame. This unit would be carried into a club or bar and would send a signal to the special device shown on the right. This display pedestal for the brand, upon receiving a signal from the customer, would illuminate; which in the case of Gray Goose Vodka would emit the cry of the Canada Goose. The purpose here is to establish brand loyalty, as well as peer recognition, for the discerning customer.

Golight images used with the permission of Golight, Inc.