Born:Sewickley, Pennsylvania


Carnegie-Mellon University
Carnegie Institute of Technology, Class of 1968

Admitted to:

Society of Plastics Engineers 1974
Industrial Designer's Society of America 1975
American Society of Mechanical Engineers 1976

Approaching 100 US and foreign patents


Favorite Inventors

I am often asked whom I respect most as inventors. There are many, but two stand out for me. Both of these men created revolutionary, disruptive devices that gave birth to an endless series of replication and improvement. In their day these inventions were astounding and remain today as unmatched technical genus in their categories.

Oscar V Payne: Inventor and engineer of the Thompson Sub Machine Gun 1919
John P. Holland: Inventor of the first true submarine 1900
Carroll Shelby: Inventor of the "Automobile"- 1965 Cobra 427
Walter Hoving: Master Innovator 1955-1980, The Tiffany Company "I donít care what Cartier does!" "Try God"