Innovations - 1970's

As the 70's began I had an opportunity to work with a tiny company that was a start up a few years earlier, Gerry Designs. With my experience in children's educational equipment I developed a line of unique and versatile pieces using natural materials. These won wide acclaim and the patents were purchased by Mead Educational Services.

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I accepted a full time position with the company as head of product design and engineering. The company's elementary back carrier became the basis of numerous innovations. The Gerry back carrier became the flagship product which was the best known product in that category for decades to come.

Soft carriers for the front were a natural path for growth. The Gerry 0-41 was the first mass market front carrier. Over the years the line grew in complexity and features. Dozens of "soft' carriers were innovated including the revolutionary, patented "Nursing Zipper". Gerry led the industry in front carrier innovations for years to come.

Gerry was a baby transportation company and innovation was our charter. It was fitting that the first American umbrella stroller would be born here. This was a revolutionary product and was often copied and patent suits occurred. Over the years I improved and updated the product many times and introduced technology-into what was considered a low tech category- well beyond what struggling imitators could manage.

Innovation (which would be later termed disruptive innovation because it changed what was considered the norm) was the by line of Gerry baby Products. Creating useful products that no competitor ever thought of was my challenge. Gerry and I became known for this. With the marketing and management team, I invented dozens of products through the end of the 70's that had never been thought of before by the competition. Diaper bags that expanded and contracted, safely bathing baby in the logical place- the kitchen sink, rocking baby to sleep in a swing driven by a bear that climbed down the leg…and many more.